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Unnecessary changes to Firefox's appearance.

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Why do you keep changing Firefox's appearance? It's so unnecessary, and I don't like it... every time! NOTE: My question is "WHY?"

Изменено IanStar

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Hi Ian

Thank you for your feedback.

This is the first change in almost five years and in common with design refreshes of other software that you may use, it helps keep Firefox looking modern and easy to use for more people.

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That's rubbish, mate. I "solved" the problem by reinstalling an older version of Firefox, 88.0b6, dated 1st April 2021. This is, I think, at least the 4th time I've had to do this, using an older version until it no longer runs smoothly. And it's not "easier to use". If there was a viable alternative to Firefox, I would've switched to it long ago.

Изменено IanStar

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