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How do I give feedback?

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Currently on Firefox Developer Edition 89.0b2, clicking menu > Help > Submit Feedback, takes me here: https://mozilla.github.io/imo-placeholder/

It's a blank "Coming Soon" page with no information.

I'm experiencing usability problems with the new theme and I'd like to share what I'm experiencing.

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I think there is some Reddit thread.

But try this as a start:


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I do not have other devices to sync up. I do not need emails reminding me to sign up.

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To HarwoodS (and anyone else who wants to give feedback about Firefox):

You can go to the Firefox Help menu and select Submit Feedback... or use this link, which should redirect to the https://mozilla.crowdicity.com/ website.

If you need help with Firefox please ask a new question - see Mozilla Support rules and guidelines. This thread is for helping whall1 (the original poster) and is not the place for new support requests.