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Blackouts On Screens

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During searches, opening email or anything else I get these parts of pages that are blacked out. Some times they will go ways when scrolling but mostly I have to highlight a sentence, click and goes away.

I do not know how else to describe it.

I like the new features and way that Firefox works and have always enjoyed the security an anonymity.

Does not happen with other browsers. Computer is up to date and runs great, not that that should matter.

Firefox version. 88.0, Windows 10 up to date.

images attached.

Any thoughts?


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hello fred,

there is a troubleshooting option under the "help" in menu bar.

give that a try and see if it helps.

also, try 1 or 2 ctrl + minus keys.

and see if altering the display size helped.


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Did the trouble shoot and everything looked OK. Went back to normal screen and disabled extensions. ie: Adblocker, Grammarly, PDF Reader. still have problem.

When I do hit the ctr + it does take it away but will reappear somewhere else on another page.

Have already done a complete uninstall and install.

Anything else?


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hello fred. thanks for the additional information.

if you like, you can do to further test this issue on your end.

what i suggest is to temporarily disable your windows startups. Then reboot and retry FF and those pages again.

If everything looks ok, after booting win10 in safemode, then you found where the problem is/are.

To do a win10 safemode, open the task manager, go to the start up tab and disable everything that is enabled (except for you mouse and or keyboard drivers if running)


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