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awesomebar: allow narrow interpretation of search terms

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I have been a fan of the awesomebar for quite some time; tab selection using % enables progress after chaotic web surfing and bookmark searching using * circumvents the need of retracing already known websites. (I have removed suggestions and history though, I find that those are mostly in the way.)

One limitation for me as a programmer is that while searching for Python helps me find the correct bookmarks, including C in a search is not helpful, as a c anywhere in a bookmark will give a hit. This even goes for '.com'! The same problem occurs when searching for bookmarks in the bookmark library.

My suggested improvement would be to allow search terms to be interpreted narrowly. This could be done by adding quotes, for example "C" (single quotes could also work).

Is this already possible in some way? And if not, where would be the best place to suggest the improvement? [feedback page reads "Please check back soon"] ( and I'm not sure whether this suits the Bugzilla platform.

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