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Automatic Clear History

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  • Последний ответ от jscher2000

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I keep finding people answering this question with click here click there.

Clear browser on exit suppose to automatically clear history, this is a serious problem.

Why is this being ignored, this browser is no longer safe to use, clean install on Android phone

Yes, Android, not any other system that people keep telling me to check, and they talk as if the windows version is the same.

Has the team stopped Firefox for Android?

I give up now, need to use a safe chrome browser now

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Hi John

Having set Firefox for Android to clear history on exit, what happens when you tap the exit option in the menu?

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Quit is the only way to close tge browser and make sure it clears all, any other method wont clear anything.


Reload, history still there

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Just to clarify, when you select exit, Firefox for Android closes, and when it reopens, your history is still there (even though you have selected it to be cleared)?

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The text is Quit, not exit, this means your once again talking about windows 10 version

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When you select Quit, Firefox for Android closes, and when it reopens, your history is still there (even though you have selected it to be cleared)?

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How many more times, its not a difficult thing to do.

Yes, the only thing i don't clear is cookies.

All history is intact , lets try some screen shots.

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Rigt, some screen shots

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1, some site there 2, function switched on 3, the settings

4, few pictures same

5, ckick quit

Re open browser, history still there.

Hope photos all uploaded, very small so cant tell, but after i quit, reloaded browser and history still there, need to delete one st a time.

Thats it, don't ask anything more

Изменено John

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So to be clear, the problem is that the "Recently Closed Tabs" list is not cleared (other history entries are cleared). I have no idea why that isn't cleared, it is part of history. Bizarre.

I think the only obvious workaround at this time is to close all tabs, leaving a home page and the tabs box reading "0". In other words, make sure there are no open tabs at the time you Quit.

Edit: I did check the box for clearing Open Tabs on Quit, so I'm not sure there is any other setting for this.

Edit #2: Same behavior in Firefox Beta for Android.

Изменено jscher2000

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How many things i have to do, Quit should and must do it all, forget and history is left, im not using this browser in this un safe state anymore.

I dont have a clear all tabs on the function list. Only see it in settings, and then cant select clear all tabs less than one day

Изменено John

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There is an issue on file for this:


But you should do what you need to do to feel safe.