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FYI to all... FF87.0 update broke my ability to logon to financial sites... Fixed today by NFCU update...

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My Navy Federal Credit Union did a major update to their system today 04/07/2021. After the update I was no longer prevented from logging on w/FF87.0 private window. Saw others having many problems similar to mine & you might mention to them that FF87.0 may now be more advanced than the various systems that they are not able to login to after the FF87.0 update. I was using MSEdge to access my blocked sites & almost went back to FF86.0.1.

Problems with Youtube full screen not working persist. Could be a spyware tool embedded by Google that is broken now. Not a big enough problem to force me to roll back version of FF. Saw many others were having online video problems since update. I don't have an answer for them.

Guessing as privacy protection increases our access problems will also increase as hacks, spies & adware try to battle back. Me? I like my privacy & thank Mozilla folks for their great work. God bless one & all. Stay safe.

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