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Is the advice on https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/999055 up to date on FF 87.0 on Windows 10?

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I have Googled up advice on searching my bookmarks collection. I seem to get into obsolete advice -- not all Google finds have dates on them. And it is unusual to find a heading that gives a date or the relevant FireFox release number.

It's difficult to summon faith that reading a Googled-up item will get you anywhere with FF 87.0.

I hit the star yesterday on a page about urging R to read in .xls files. It SEEMS to me that the bookmarks USED TO BE added in pushdown order. But my xls bookmark was not showing near the top of what I BELIEVE is the list of all my starred pages. "xls" doesn't seem to work as a search term. But I am unsure whether I have correctly invoked any kind of search: no sort of result appeared.

A more general observation: the advice I have see this afternoon seems BURDENED by a wealth of assumed knowledge and usage. One symptom of this is the abundance of references to unlabeled "bars".

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Hi, there have been a lot of changes since 2014!

When you click the star in the address bar to save a new bookmark (or use the Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut), the bookmark should be added to the last folder where you saved a bookmark. Previously, they always went to "Other Bookmarks" but that is no longer the case. That is one of the most recent changes. This created problems for users of "Default bookmark folder" so if you use that extension, make sure it is as up-to-date as possible.

Anyway, after the star turns blue, if you didn't select a preferred folder for that bookmark when saving it, you can click it again and choose a new folder. You can expand the folder list if needed, as shown in the attached screenshot:

Firefox does have one place that shows recent bookmarks in the order you added them, and that is under either:

  • menu button > Library > Bookmarks
  • Library toolbar button > Bookmarks

(The Library icon looks like four messily shelved books.)

If you are accustomed to using the Bookmarks Menu button -- -- that still should show the Bookmarks Menu, with the most recently added items at the bottom.

If you were used to seeing recently added items on the top of the Bookmarks Menu, were you using one of these add-ons?

You could check to see whether it is still working.


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Regarding search, Firefox has three methods to search bookmarks:

(1) Address bar

To focus your search on bookmarks, you can click the little star icon at the bottom of the drop-down (after the search engine icons) or start your search with the * character.

(2) Bookmarks sidebar

Usually Ctrl+b will open this bar. The search box is above the list.

(3) Library window

Ctrl+Shift+O (as in "Organizer") should open this window. In the old days, it was Ctrl+Shift+b. The search box is at the upper right.

There also are add-ons to help with bookmark searching if you want to do things Firefox doesn't have, such as searching parts of folder names.


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