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How to collect the same subject fields under ONE new file?

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I have special interests and want to collect many web addresses of the same interest under one file. I have tried to in the bookmark column to right click and hope for the possibility tp see NEW FILE. However I haven't succeeded. Would anyone help me?

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hello njm,

Basically, you can manage bookmarks like files and folders.

What it seems that you want to do is to create a group (folder) of bookmarks (files)

1) So when you open up your favorite webpage, there should be a blue star in the url field that you can then click.

A small window will open up to save the book mark.

However, if you click around the window, you will have the opportunity to create a "new folder".

Once that new folder is created, you can then begin saving your special urls to it.

It will become easier and logical as you practice with it. Btw: dont forget to rename the "new folder" to something more in line to your subjects.

2) Alternatively, you could copy and paste your urls into a file, like in Microsoft Word. Then save the file to the hard drive or desktop. And when you open the file, you should be able to click on the urls which will then / should then open up in your default browser.

The above are just 2 ways to manage bookmarks.


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