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who decides these terrible ideas to change the basic way FF works?

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Thanks to terrible, productivity-sucking changes in the basic functions of the FF browser, I have started using other browsers. First - FF updates far too frequently - almost daily. No option to block update notifications. Never know if it's something trivial, an important security fix, or a major interface change. The 'what's new' page is always incomplete. 2nd - FF downloads software surreptiously through the sneaky "normandy" back door and inserts feature changes irregardlessly. Doesn't matter if you explicitly selected NO to enrolling in studies. Users can't get a straight answer on how to disable Normandy. Named after the Allied stealth invasion of Europe, it does the same thing to our computers. 3rd- FF caters to fringe techie desires with an onslaught of unwanted or unsuable additions that bloats the software, uses up CPU, or inserts intrusive attention-seeking diversions. I am forced to spend too much time after each update to investigate how to shut off unwanted surprises as well as unannounced alterations to my option settings. For example, if I press the mute button on my keyboard a very large media window pops up and takes over a sizeable chunk of my computer screen. It cannot be resized. It has no close button. Took hours to find out how to disable this. 4th-FF developers seem to expect users to have the newest computer equipment, huge display screens, and lot's of extra memory. If not, too bad. 5th - the recent puzzling, arrogant changes to the basic print function is evidence of that mindset. FF developers say they aren't going to let users revert to the normal "classic" small foot-print pulldown menu on the left side of the screen to preview, set up headers, etc. Too bad if the open window is too narrow to view this new intrusive, real estate consuming right hand display. Too bad that you can no longer simply seamlessly interact and accomplish the task. Too bad that the FF developers think they know better than you that you should change the way you work. 6th Reader view is an obscure feature. I do not want to be forced to use it. I do my best to strip out or ignore the overwhelming number of pictographs competing for my attention, 7th - I can no longer see URLs in the address bar. You've truncated them. I am forced to cut and paste them into a text editor to see them in their entirety. 8th - Firefox hangs video streaming sites like peacocktv.com. Windows Taskmanager shows that FF forces CPU and hard drive usage to 100%. 9th -There is no mechanism to escape, break, or interrupt FF's failed video stream. How sad that Microsoft's obnoxious Edge browser is better at video streaming. It uses far less system resources on the same video streaming site. AND doesn't hang the OS. It's likely FF's new unwanted capability to launch multiple picture in pictures - which I don't use - hogs resources. 10th- How about beta testing using 'normal' non-super techie /gamer users? 11th -FF disabled user Feedback. I stopped updating Firefox. Not trustworthy.

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hello plew,

Sounds like you have a ton of issues.

However, this is really odd.

I am inclined to believe that the erratic behavior could be due to faulty hardware or infection.

Incidentally, FireFox updating can be disabled. For example, my FireFox does not update by itself. When it does, it is because I 1st inquirer if FireFox is up to date. If not, then i have a choice to update it or forget about updating it.


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Firefox developers put a backdoor in Firefox to surreptiously install software modules IRREGARDLESS of your update preference settings to NOT automatically update FF. IRREGARDLESS that you did NOT enroll to participate in studies. They think they are clever to disseminate uncertified modules in the wild in advance of official releases as a form of testing. Angry about this? You bet. The suite of modules are labelled NORMANDY. No one will tell me which ones can safely be deleted or changed. I turned several of these modules off, so I'm hoping I put a stop to it. It's a timesink and affects my productivity. I also would like to have the old option restored of not being bombarded daily with update available notifcations. PLUS, simple routine tasks and features have been over-complicated.Firefox eliminated the user feedback page. Why no Beta testing using regular folk - not uber techies?


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hello plew,

i can understand your point of view.

But i have found no proof that there is background updating being done without permission.

I firmly believe that i am in control of the updates and can choose if i want FF to be updated or not. But since i have experienced none of the issues many people have posted on this website, i dont find my updates of FF problematic - yet.

I wish i could personally experience what you are experiencing. It could very well be that your FF is not the problem but a symptom of what may be happening on your system and behind your back.

Have you analyzed your firewall settings? have you disabled software that is preloading with your desktop? Have you reinstalled FF with 0% add-ins?

I dont know? However, i do believe you are not experiencing good things with your browser and browsing. But it's impossible for us FF helpers to know how and why from our ends.


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A simple Google search on the topic will reveal a flood of complaints and concerns about the normandy back door FF developers use to install software on your system - irregardless of your preference settings. Despite unchecking the option to participate in studies, [meaning NO to studies], app.normandy.enabled is still enabled. FF developers use normandy modules to override your preference settings, forcing users into "Shield Studies" and collection of interaction data.They remotely control flags that download and install software, turn a study feature on and off, or roll-out a change without informing you. Unexpected changes happen even though you did not download an update. By the way, you do know that Normandy refers to the surprise invasion of France by the Allies in WW2?

No, I hope you never experience this. There are other posts about this.

cor-el Top 10 Contributor Moderator 2/25/21, 6:53 PM The presence of a app.normandy.startupRolloutPrefs.<pref> indicates that you participate in a shield study to investigate how users experience this new feature. This is also used to roll out new features or disable features that aren't working properly without the need to release a Firefox update. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/shield

Here's a Jan. 26, 2021 complaint on Reddit - and not by me: https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/l5wgxa/firefox_suddenly_installed_an_experiment_without/


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Thanks for the additional information. I had no idea!

Take a look at your about:config and see if toggling some of the settings (double clicking) will prove helpful for you. Pic attached.

Let me know how you then percieve your browser and browsing experience.

If you do not experience issues after toggling the settings, i may follow suit.

I may also further see if maybe some of the issues that people are experiencing may be related to your findings.

please let me know.

ps: backup you profile for the "just in case" situation that may occur after changing settings.


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Agreed, and on top of the in depth tech jargon; I absolutely hate when developers implement features that, they themselves want, on our behalf. You're always tinkering with stuff and trying to "fix" what isn't broken. Why can't you people ever leave anything alone? Just make a separate list in the settings area of new (and OLD) features that we the users can add, remove or switch-out as we see fit in order to better suit our browsing needs. Now that I mention it, why the hell isn't there a way to edit the context menu? I don't use half the crap that's in there. Opening an image in a new tab is a completely different action than "view image", sometimes there's no other way to view an image than clicking on "view image". Simply clicking on "save image as" doesn't mean that I'm going to get the best version of the image in question, sometimes I just get the thumbnail instead or a smaller version. How do you know that I DON'T want the image to be saved in my downloads location? More often than not, I want to save the image in a specific folder by dragging and dropping it in manually which, is much easier to do than what you're forcing us to do now because, setting a download location to a new folder or searching for a specific folder in the pop-up window every time I want to save something (images in particular) is more than a little annoying. Not to mention, did you not realize that the amount of tabs gets doubled with every click of "open image in new tab"? 10 tabs turns into 20 tabs or 40 or 80 real quick and then we have to close each tab one by one. And NO I will not be using add-ons to get this feature back because of your continuing bad decisions, also because I don't want clutter of needless junk and/or slowdown my browser more than it already is and I also won't be using CSS codes seeing as how they can be broken or rendered useless after an update, requiring me to fix the code every time, it would be far easier for you folks to simply replace what you have already than it would be for us to find a third-party work-around and hope it works and/or doesn't get removed and hope it doesn't have any adverse affects. We get use to doing things in our own ways for years and then you completely remove a feature with no rhyme, reason or logic. I know this isn't the most eloquent message and that I left some stuff out that would further help my case but, SHUT UP! I don't want to hear (read) your excuses, put the damn function back in.


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While I can understand your frustration about the ever evolving FireFox, I am concern that your frustrations may also be due to something wrong with your system.

I dont believe FireFox is corrupted when i read, ".... 10 tabs turns into 20 tabs or 40 or 80 real quick and then we have to close each tab one by one."

Instead I think something is not right, with your computer.

We can works towards figuring out what may the problem your system has.

So now that we understand your opinions about FF, what would you like to have done to fix the problem?

Do you want to roll back to a prior version of FF that you were content with?


Do you want to figure out what is causing your current FF frm being stable?

Please let us know.


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