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IsItBullshit: Does Google purposely slow down Google and YouTube on Firefox and other non-chromium browsers to bring people to chrome?

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Unclear. It's true that a couple years ago, A Mozilla employee found that YouTube loaded 5x slower on Firefox than Chrome. This was due to Google updating YouTube which relied on an interface which was implemented in Chrome (but not in other browsers). What's unclear is if they were just optimizing for Chrome or deliberately slowing down everything else. Speaking as a software engineer, these kinds of things are very easy to overlook or do unintentionally - there are so many different browsers and bowser versions out there, optimizing for all of them is tough and so it's possible that Google optimized for Chrome and tested to make sure stuff still worked on Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc, but didn't do rigorous performance testing on those browsers. However Google is a big company with many arms and lots of resources so it's hard to say for certain.

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sure. it's all about money.

but in all fairness, i have not experienced any issues with youtube on my FireFox.

so perhaps, you may be experiencing something that is unique to your system, like maybe a corrupted graphics driver.

have you tweaked the FireFox's hardware acceleration feature and cache?


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No, I don't think. I have graphics driver issue. Infact, sometime firefox is not working well.


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I dont know?

Last night i watched You Tube via FireFox v87 without any issues or delay. I mean, it was normal and basically quick.

So it has to be something unique to your system that is bogging down FireFox.

If you reboot windows to safemode w/networking, does youtube still run like a snail?


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