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Making a download statusbar like Chrome

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It seems that there isn't an add on out there for Firefox that mimics the download status bar like in Chrome-based browsers. Not one of them are able to open files from the status bar. All of them open a window for what ever reason. Is it because bad coding on the add on dev part, or is this a limitation of Firefox itself. If it is the former, where can I start and work backwards to make one myself. If it is the later, will this ever be a feature?

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Hello Dark,

Sounds odd to me. When i download via FF, i get a blue down arrow at the end of the url field. And clicking on it opens up a status bar and also provides the opportunity to open the Windows Download Folder.

Have you checked the settings in FF for downloads. A pic is attached for your review:

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Not my issue. My issue is with add ons. I want a bar like Chrome and the add on I had back with classic Firefox. There are some add ons made that mimic the one in Chrome where you click on it and it opens the file, but the add ons I found all open a separate window instead of opening the file

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i see. thanks for the clarification!

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What add-on do you like best of the ones you've tried?

Generally speaking, extensions in Firefox 57+ cannot create new toolbars. They can show drop-down panels, open pop-up windows, open new tabs, and inject in-page overlays, and they can create custom sidebars.