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Cannot sign into exchange account using OAuth2

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Hello, the 2FA for signing into an exchange accounts appears not to work. When I want to sign into an Microsoft-Exchange account, the authentication window crashes. Clicking on the exchange account makes the 2FA window pop up (as usual for the first time), asking for a username and a password. I can enter them without issue and click the sign-in button. Afterwards, a second page appears which asks me to select either getting a call or a text message code. Both are highlighted as hyperlinks, yet when I click at any of them nothing happens. The same pattern appears when clicking at the reset password button prior to signing in. Opening the rest password screen works within the credential window, but then the window becomes inoperable again. Clicking the 'next' button just lets the button disappear without a trace. Same applies to the abort button. The window simply becomes inoperable (without going back). See attached images.

Attached an image from the 2FA. the links are highlighted blue, but inoperable. How to access my emails using Thunderbird?

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