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Firefox crashes because low free left RAM!

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I have many tabs like 200-300. Firefox crashed today. I also have 4GB page file on top of that. Strange! After I restarted Firefox it was using only 6.8GB RAM. Perhaps memory leak. BTW if I have browser.cache.disk.enable set to false. Is page file still used?

Thanks for help.

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Probably unless there would be update, AA solutions update frequently. It could be also some components Bitdefender support said, I will switch them on 1 by 1 to see, if it will happen again.

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I don't also know why I have 1GB of cache. I don't that much, I don't want it to grow to like 10GB. While browser.cache.disk.capacity is set only to default 256000 (it is supposed to be in MB). So I don't know how it is possible that I have 1GB of cache, when it is limited to 256MB!

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i made that 256000 into 1256000, on my machine.

but it didnt help when i opened 20 tabs.

however i do see an improvement in performance

btw the bytes are as follows:

0 = 1's 00 = 10's 000 = hundreds's 6000 = thousands 56000 = 10thousands 256000 = millions, aka megs

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