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Help Needed, Extension Data Lost on Sync!

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Hello, I accidentally removed a extension from one copy of my Firefox Account that syncs. That in turn deleted the extension from another PC. That extension had very valuable information in it I'm trying to recover. Is there anyway to recover to a previous time and date with Firefox sync, and if not can it be done with some work? I did find a Old Firefox Account folder but could not seem to get any of the extension data working again, only to set the extension up again.

Please help if you can! Thank you!

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All you can do is to re-download that as sync has no history.

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Note that there are prefs on the about:config page that prevent removing its extension storage on remove.

  • extensions.webextensions.keepStorageOnUninstall
  • extensions.webextensions.keepUuidOnUninstall

See also the about:debugging page.