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is there a forum specifically related to the add-ons only

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At times I would like to search for an add-on that I can not "Phrase" the description of as such:

'I am looking for an addon that will download every page I visit for a predetermined time automatically and make those downloaded pages accessible to the open tabs from which those downloads came from so that I can have the cache on hard drive"

I don't know how to call this thing by a search term and need help with this one question really.

I would have other question also such as how to build an add-on.

Is there a forum specifically related to these add-ons only This forum should be specific to the types of add-on we see in Firefox and Google Chrome for developers and enthisiasts.

I see no link to such a forum in the addons page though there is the link to Manage add-ons; or, is this the best place for such questions?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Gilbert, with a question about whether something exists, more people seeing the question should help in finding someone who knows. There are some Add-ons related forums, but they get less traffic than this forum or a more general site such as the Firefox subreddit (on Reddit).

Regarding controlling exactly how long pages/files are cached, I don't know whether that is possible.


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