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Firefox account problem

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All PC's mentioned below are on the same router and LAN, and all are using Firefox 86 x64 on Windows 10.

I have been a Firefox user for many, many years (I started using browsers in the 90's, 'nuff said). But having recently reinstalled a PC, I found myself unable to initiate sync on the new Firefox install there. I kept getting the error "NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource." in a red box when I entered my password. Perplexed, I tried creating a support ticket on another of my PC's (let's call it #2) - same error there when trying to sign in to Firefox support! I then tried to use that browser to access my account by going to Account Settings -> Manage Account. I was met with a circle animation - and a completely blank webpage.

This post is being created from my third PC, where, for some odd reason, the Manage Account function actually works, and where I was also able to sign into support. I made a change to my bookmarks on PC/Firefox #2, to see if sync was still working - and it did come through to PC #3. After that, I was finally able to start a sync on PC #1 (the newly installed one).

But I am still unable to do anything with my account on PC #2. Can't sign in to support, can't access Manage Account. And this cannot be purely about the profile or installation, as the issue was affecting PC #1 as well.

It seems like Mozilla's account management is really wobbly, and my prime suspect is the shift to "Firefox Accounts" on the support pages recently. But I'm open to being proved wrong.

Just hoping someone out there can tell me what this issue is, and how I fix it. The fact that I was unable to sign in to my Firefox Account from a completely new Firefox install makes me very uncomfortable. And my primary PC (#2) is still unable to manage that account, or sign in to the support pages.

Thanks in advance.

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