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Firefox 86 Crash On Startup

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I'm currently running Ubuntu 20.04 although this problem began yesterday while I used Ubuntu 18.04. Simply put, I went to sleep on February 26 and on February 27 when I tried to start up firefox I only get the crash reporter. I am able to run 78.8.0esr thankfully, however I would greatly prefer to use the latest version of the browser. I can think of nothing I did between shutting down my browser on the 26 and waking up the next morning. Firefox will not start up in safe mode. I clean install from the snap store or ubuntu repositories has done nothing.

Below is my crash ID and i've attached all the details the crash reporter gives me.

Crash ID: bp-2e4e360d-605b-4fa6-9cdf-17eb90210227

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The reference to qcms in the crash signature sounds color management related. Do you use a custom color profile?

Several Linux users have reported strange visual phenomena with Firefox 86 that can be worked around by disabling hardware acceleration, which is done by default when you start Firefox in its Safe Mode. The fact that you can't even start Firefox in its Safe Mode suggests that you have a different issue, but unfortunately I am not familiar enough with this aspect of Firefox to suggest what to do next.


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This is a problem with the color profile of your display monitor that is either too large (OOB) or incompatible with Firefox. There is a bug report about this issue, fixed for 88 and approved for 87.0b3 (current beta should have it).

  • Bug 1694670 - Linux startup crash in [@ qcms_data_create_rgb_with_gamma]

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