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NFS mounted home directory caused a hang condition in firefox. Repeatable when creating ebay listing

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I am using centos 8.2 with it's firefox 78.7.0esr (64-bit) I also have my home directory mounted via NFS using the automounter system.

In general firefox works fine in this configuration. However, when I get on Ebay and try creating a listing, firefox will hang when adding photos and/or moving the photo order. My NFS server will then start complaining about 'failed to contact remote rpcbind.

I try to close firefox and it doesn't It then will ask about a script running to long and offer to close. It won't I wait quite some time and it doesn't close About now the whole system is locked up and I may be able to get to the reboot menu I reboot and it won't because the process is hung. I usually have to power cycle to get things back.

I think if I waited for the automounter to time-out firefox may close at that time.

So the questions are: Is this supposed to work in an NFS environment? What is going on to cause the hang? Are there environment variables to move "some directory" to the local disk drive if that is the problem?

I sure hope someone can answer this for me. Thanks Warren

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