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Is there a way to hide the current window when dragging off its one and only tab?

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Hello! I'm a sort-of new Firefox user, and I just noticed some differences in behavior between Firefox and Chrome.

In Chrome, when I drag a tab out of its window so that I can move it into another window, if the window in question only has one tab, then dragging that one tab will hide the current window and show the background, allowing me to easily drag it into that background window.

This is especially useful when both windows are maximized.

In Firefox, I cannot do the same. Dragging a tab around a window with only that one tab open does not hide the current window, but rather, drags the tab around the browser window. I recognize now that this is because I can drag the tab to other places such as the Bookmarks menu, and if the above Chrome behavior was replicated, I would have a hard time doing this with just one tab open.

Though, I think the way to merge a maximized one-tab window onto another window in Firefox is to just drag the window a bit so it stops becoming maximized, then drag the one tab onto the window behind it. Is that how I'm supposed to do it, or is there a better way?

On another note, is there any way as of the moment to replicate Chrome's behavior with regard to this tab dragging situation? If not, thank you for your time, anyway. I'll just get used to the new way of doing this for now. Thank you all!

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