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Contact sync

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I didn't realize when I decided to try TB that there is no built in contact synchronization for services such as GMAIL and OUTLOOK.COM. Frankly I would never have installed it at all. In my mind, this is a fundamental requirement. There's no point in setting up IMAP to deal with an email account if you have to manually re-create your entire address book as you try to send emails.

I see that there are, or rather have been, plug-ins that support these things. But none of them appear to work in the current version of Thunderbird.

Am I missing something or am I correct about all this?


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TB 78.8 supports CardDAV (in Address Book, File/New/CardDAV Address book), but it currently doesn't work very well with Google Contacts. TbSync does sync Google Contacts and outlook.com contacts, and CardBook also works with Google Contacts.



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I saw TBSync and it sounded great but is not compatible with current release of TB.

My bottom line point was that if you want an email app to support Outlook.com or Gmail.com email accounts, it is not really a feature without supporting their contacts/address books as well.

That's like selling someone a car and then saying, "Oh, you mean you want tires and a steering wheel as well?" It's kind of pointless without this. It should be built into the app.

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TbSync is working here in TB 78.8 with Google and Hotmail, calendars and contacts. For Google, you have to also install Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV, and double-click extensions.dav4tbsync.googlesupport to true in Options/General/Indexing/Config. editor. For outlook.com, install Provider for Exchange ActiveSync.

Tools/Add-ons/Extensions, use the Search box to find the add-ons, and install from the tab that opens in TB.


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