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in firefox document not opened, unsafe. if surched in google, opens and confirms safe document. https!!

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why does firefox refuse to open because unsafe document etc, and when the same(within firefox) is entered into google surch, the respective page is available, can be opened and confirms that it is a safe page. No problem to open in edge. The various tipps do not help. antivirus is F-secure. cleaning cookies and cache did not help either.

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Hi Paul, what is the message that Firefox is displaying -- is it a secure connection error page, or a phishing/malware page?

Are you sure the URL is identical between the original non-working link and the one loaded through Google search? You could grab the address from the bar in each case and paste them into a text editor for above-and-below comparison to see whether you can spot a difference.


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The display is german saying: "failure; connection not possible; firefox unable to establish connection to server under www.rp-shop.de ". This is the URL, very simple and definitely identical in both cases. new experience: under edge I noticed, that in the address line the url read "shop.rp-online.de" wthout the www. When I entered this, it worked in firefox. In the advertisement the address was given as "rp-shop.de". no chance in firefoxI think I rather give up and call it a day.


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Hi Paul, sorry that I didn't mention that sharing a non-Mozilla URL in a reply causes a delay in when your post appears because it needs to go through the link spam moderation queue. It will appear eventually.

Meanwhile, I noticed that if I start with a non-secure HTTP address:


then there is a successful chain of redirections:

http://rp-shop.de/ => http://shop.rp-online.de/ => https://shop.rp-online.de/

However, if I try starting with a secure HTTPS address:


Then I get

"Unable to connect" "Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at rp-shop.de."

So I think that means the server that handles rp-shop.de is not listening on port 443, the port used for HTTPS connections, only on port 80, the port used for HTTP connections. They probably should fix that!


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that would also mean that the windows browser edge tried on his own the other port and operated with shop.rp-online.de successfully ?! Anyway thanks, I will get in touch with the RP-people to find out their opinion.


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