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When adding Gmail account, google verification page keeps resetting and asking for email/phone

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I've successfully added most of my gmail accounts into the Thunderbird account manager window.

But one gmail account in particular keeps failing to add.

Whenever I try to add it I get as far as the popup with a gmail login, where I would normally log in and tell google to authorize Thunderbird to access the account.

But when I enter my email address on that popup and click the "Next" button, instead of asking me for my password it just clears the field and keeps showing the log in page, asking for my email or phone number. (See screenshot)

If I type in the email address again and hit next again, the same thing happens. It always just resets instead of moving on to the password input. (But to reiterate, I have successfully added about a half dozen other gmail accounts and haven't encountered this problem with any of the others.)

At first I thought this might have been because it was a new gmail account I had just created, so I figured I'd just try again later. But I created the account at least 3 days ago now, and Thunderbird is still doing the same thing for that login page.

Any suggestions? Or is this a known bug?

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sfhowes said

Are cookies allowed in TB? https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1326782

Thanks for the reply!

I had cookies disabled, but by default there was an explicit rule set to allow google.com

I added gmail.com and accounts.google.com (the specific domain shown in that login popup window) and tried again, got the same results as before. But when I enabled cookies entirely I was able to get to the password entry page, and complete the process.

Then once I had added the account I disabled cookies again and it seems to still be working properly.

Weird that I should have to fuss around with this one account when all the others are also gmail accounts and had no trouble being added. Since this seems to be an issue for others as well, maybe it's something Thunderbird and Google might want to liaise about.

In any case thanks for pointing me to a solution!


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