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Disabling autoplay videos on news websites

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Whenever I visit a news website, I almost always see a screen with a video embedded. When I scroll down, the video reappears in the bottom right of the screen in a tiny window, and there seems to be no way to disable whatsoever.

I have looked everywhere to no avail. It seems to be a flaw in Firefox, given that there is no obvious way to prevent it from appearing. I have tried hiding it with Adblock Plus, and other similar extensions. But it only half blocks it, and only the current one that's appearing. If I reload the page, it reappears in full. It's usually labeled 'watch (the) video'.

It is extremely annoying. I thought this was the 2020s, not the 1960s. Surely there is a way by now to prevent this intrusive feature from appearing at all. Does anyone know any magic tricks?

The first attachment shows the video embedded on a news website. The second one shows the offending pop up when one scrolls below the main video. I have never heard of any way to get rid of it, despite having used Firefox for a while now.


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At least they give you a close button!

But seriously, it's a popular site, so someone probably knows how to create a filter for it. You could check the Adblock Plus forum:



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