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How To Access Hangouts/GTalk/GoogleTalk CHAT web-service inside Thunderbird TAB

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How To Access Hangouts / GTalk / GoogleTalk CHAT web-service inside Thunderbird TAB:

Details here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/63255601/3553808 (please upvote my Q+A both there if its useful/helpful)


TB = Thunderbird.

Tested + worked on Thunderbird : v68.12.1 , v78.7.1 (and one step earlier TB).

• Load "BrowseInTab" TB addon : TB > Tools > Addons > in "Find More Extensions" box, type: BrowseInTab click on [ + Add To Thunderbird ] button > "Add" > restart TB. • Also load "Open Tab" TB addon : TB > Tools > Addons > in "Find More Extensions" box, type: Open Tab click on [ + Add To Thunderbird ] button > "Add" > restart TB.

• Also load an Advertisement & Harmful Code/Script Blocking type of addon that can work inside TB , or else Harmful/abusive website codes will begin to abuse your computer, & increase electrical power consumption, & overheat/warm your computer, & abuse thunderbird, & waste your internet data limits, steal DATA ( theft of Privacy), etc, etc, etc: LOAD the "uBlock Origin" addon for Firefox, inside the Thunderbird . (as of this moment, it works). How to do that, is outlined in detail, inside the linked page's SOLUTION # 1 : https://stackoverflow.com/a/63286125/3553808 (please upvote my Q+A both there if its helpful/useful)

• now send a HTML-formatted email (not plain-text Email) , into any one of the email-address (or email account) that is already setup in your Thunderbird, in that email you must send an URL LINK, this link: https://www.hangouts.google.com/ . You can also type the full URL manually in a new email (before sending), then select that full URL text & press Ctrl+C (or Cmd+C) to copy into buffer memory > TB main menu > Insert > Link > paste the copied link by pressing Ctrl+V (or Cmd+V) > Ok . Send to yourself or into another email-address that is inside the same TB.

• Inside TB if you select option to allow all Cookie ( a tracking file with tracking codes ) , then TB begins to store all types of Cookies : Unnecessary & unsafe & tracking & monitoring & advertisements, etc related ALL TYPE OF COOKIES/codes ... • So such is not a safe, not secured, not Privacy-Right respecting practice, & not-recommended. • Some users lack knowledge on how to increase security/privacy , and Some (lazy+ignorant) users prefer convenience over extra steps which will be necessary to take, to increase security/privacy. • Your dog learns or you have to TRAIN it , when it need to bark, and when it does not need to bark, when outsider or unwanted comes close ... similarly you have to train your TB on what to stop & what to allow. • Goto TB (Thunderbird) "Preferences" (or "Options"/Settings ) > then find/goto "Privacy" > goto "Web Content" section. Thunderbird - Preferences - Privacy - Web Content - Exceptions: • it should by-default have the option "Accept Cookies From Sites" unselected , for now keep it like that, ( if not-unseleted , then unselect it ) > then, in that same row , in right side, there is a button [ Exceptions ] , click on that > a new window will popup/appear : type-in (or copy from here) each of below web-address (URL) into the "Address of Website" textbox, & then press [ Add ]/[ Allow ] button :

  • The "Hangouts" web-service:
    https://0.client-channel.google.com/ (You will have to add multiple of these servers, by changing "0" into other numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... etc, Add upto atleast 30 . Which exact one will be used, depends on which one is free & randomly selected by google to serve your connection)

After all URLs are added/allowed/entered , then press [ Save Changes ].

• goto the received email which has the link https://hangouts.google.com/ in Thunderbird (TB) > right-click on that LINK > you will see an new option "Open Link in New Tab" , use/select that , a new web-browser TAB will open up inside the TB=Thunderbird.

• Login/signin to Hangouts website : Enter your GMail email-address > "Next" button > enter gmail google account's main password , and wait few seconds , then you can use it for CHAT. This process uses full standard encryption/secured protocols for all parts of communication , so its more safer.

• Google's "Hangouts" site/web-service allows to do VoIP (voice over internet protocols) chat , VoIP to Direct Dial (into mobile/landline phone) chat , Video chat over Internet , Text (over internet) chat , SMS text chat , etc . ( it mixes/combines various services ). Google will stop VoIP to Direct Dial chat , SMS text chat , etc services/options in "Hangouts" website/web-service , And move some of those services/features into their "Voice" website/web-service . The "Voice" site will have almost all features of earlier "Hangouts" site : SMS text chat , Text (over internet) chat , VoIP chat , VoIP to Direct Dial chat , etc. The "Hangouts" based Text CHAT/chatting (over internet) functionality will keep on working in "Hangouts" website/web-service. Their "Meet" site/service will provide Video Meeting (Video over internet), etc web-services. Long time ago Google moved GTalk (aka: google-talk , google-chat (not gsuite), etc) web-service(s) into their "Hangouts" website/service.

• TB itself has a builtin purple library & wrappers, etc for it , which uses XMPP/Jabber protocols to connect with GTalk text chat network service. That/those has/have bugs (and very old) , & does not use full standard security measures in all areas of communication , see here/below few bug reports : So avoid that builtin option inside the TB , and use the option i have shown above, which uses full standard TLS/SSL security (from user's TB to google servers). • https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1258255https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1092701https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1122567https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=955019https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/security/known-vulnerabilities/thunderbird/https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list.php?vendor_id=452&product_id=3678&page=1&cvssscoremin=7&order=1&trc=921https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list.php?vendor_id=452&product_id=22102&page=1&cvssscoremin=7&order=1&trc=216

TB's builtin GTalk option using old components, and does not use newer App-Password (or OAuth2) or newer full standard+safer TLS/SSL communication , so user have to use google account main password with old components in TB , and that is not good.

TB is a communication suite type of software , it needs to have more & more INSTANT communication features , by using standard security protocol based solutions. Users worldwide using more & more instant messaging/communications.

More you use TB , & contribute to TB development , more functions & features will be integrated with more/higher security , when you/user will keep on requesting them.

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i added answer & solution inside my question.

there is an error in above post , either i by mistake forget ot remove "www" or mozilla support site has changed the "hangouts" URL & added "www" in front of it !! when you send yourself an email/message with the hangouts site's URL , then do not use the www as shown in above post's URL. Correct URL to send via a HTML type email is https://hangouts.google.com/

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