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when watching a video on YouTube, the message "you cannot play the video in this browser" appears

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Please tell me how to fix the situation with online video playback on YouTube? (and on other sites the problem is the same) a message appears "you cannot play the video in this browser" when you click on the "more" link, the following message appears ... how to be maybe that in the settings, although I did not change anything?

operating system windows xp 32 browser mozila 52.5.2.

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Please refer to my message bellow.

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Hello bopuc.kim,

I am very glad you reached out to the support forum , it seems you are using a very old version of Firefox. I would suggest you to use the latest version of Firefox. Firefox 85.0.2 is the latest version. 52.5.2. is a very outdated version.


Also, please update your windows version, windows xp is very old and that might also be a reason. Windows 10 and Mac Big Sir is the latest OS in the market.

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This computer is very weak, Windows 7 will not work ...

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On Windows, Firefox uses the Microsoft Media Foundation to decode H.264/MP4 video. Microsoft never released Media Foundation for XP (only Vista and later) so unfortunately, Firefox on XP cannot decode those types of videos. YouTube usually transcodes videos into WebM formats, too, but for Live streams and perhaps some regular uploads, there is a delay before the WebM versions become available.

You could consider trying Linux on your PC, but that's a topic for a Linux forum...

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Note that 52.9.0 was the last Firefox version for Windows XP.

Firefox relies on built-in OS support to play media files via the HTML5 media player. On the Windows XP platform you do not have native support for playing MP4 files with the HTML5 media player.

You can try if the solution posted here to add support for playing MP4 files works for you.