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Hi there, I would like to “generally accept all cookies” for future surfing through the internet. I found this description (see below), but it doesn’t seem to work (help might me older before latest browser updates), could someone tell me how to set Firefox to accept all cookies? Thank you.

1. Click the Tools menu from the top toolbar. 2. Choose Options. 3. Click the Privacy tab. 4. Under "History" select "Use custom settings for history" from the drop-down menu beside "Firefox will." 5. Ensure that the checkboxes for "Accept cookies from sites" and "Accept third-party cookies" are both checked. 6. Click OK.

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I think the setting you want is the first on that page, Enhanced Tracking Protection. 'Standard' will accept most cookies that you want.

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If you want to allow all third-party cookies you can use the custom setting for Enhanced Tracking Protection and remove the checkmarks for all items, so nothing is blocked.

Note the you can always disable ETP by clicking the purple highlighted shield in the location bar.

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Unfortunately, the steps you found are for an older version of Firefox. The page was changed in Firefox 56 and then maybe around Firefox 72. You can find cookie settings in 3 sections of the Privacy & Security panel now:

(1) Enhanced Tracking Protection

Please see the earlier replies

(2) Cookies and Site Data

The checkbox "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed" shortens the life of cookies to "session only" unless a site is in the exception list (button to the right). This also can block certain storage features sites need, so if a site stops working normally with this box checked, try adding an exception for it.

(3) History

The settings in this section affect whether cookies are retained from one session to the next, or erased in between. If you have a question about that, let us know.