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Why firefox new updates remove functional settings after version 50s or 60s? Like deleting links from adress bar?

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I didn't updatefirefox after 48 in my father's (old) pc beause it was annoying to not have previous some functional settings. I lost count and even forgot which were them. One example is about tab functions.

(Software world has evolved in a bad way. I noticed this after 2010. Change rates or choices aren't very smart. why? This is a general something. And a widespread problem. not only in firefox or restricted to borwsers whatsoever.)

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I don't have this problem, I think it could be a software problem for you. Try to delete Firefox then re download it. Hope this works! :)


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Hi iciper1984, Firefox 57 switched from the old "add-ons can do anything" model to a more restricted one, so some features we used to enjoy from our add-ons are no longer possible. In some cases, they were added to Firefox, and in some cases there are new add-ons to fill the gap.

You mentioned "deleting links from adress bar." In the old days, Windows users would arrow down to an item and press Delete. Now you need to press Shift+Delete (similar to Mac users). Is that what you meant?

You also mentioned

One example is about tab functions.

Which tab functions are you missing that you need?


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Ohhh -- if the links in the address bar list are Top Sites from the new tab page -- this list is displayed automatically when you click in the bar before you type anything for Firefox to match -- you can't delete them there, you need to go to the new tab page to do it.

If you don't want that list to drop down automatically, you can turn it off on the Options page, Privacy & Security panel, Address bar section:

Ref. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/address-bar-autocomplete-firefox#w_changing-your-address-bar-settings


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