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I can't print out PayPal packing slips, the printed page only shows a portion of the page (like the top left corner)

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I have had this problem for many years, using many different versions of Firefox, using many different computers, and many different laser printers (both HP and Brother). I don't think it is a problem on my end. I am still mostly using Win 7. Currently using Firefox 83 on some of the computers, others, I'd have to look. The main problem I have is PayPal. When I sell something and want to print out the "packing slip" it tries to print a HUGE page on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, thus I only get a corner (top left) of this huge page. Changing the printers scale does nothing but shrink the "corner of the page" and still print nothing else of the remainder of the page (like it doesn't exist). Changing the page from portrait to landscape does not help. Changing printers does not help. Changing ISP's and physical locations and computers does not help. I have no other problems with other prints form other websites. I have had to install and use Google Chrome in order to print out the packing slips. I would like to NOT have to use Chrome and have two web browsers on my desktop. Any ideas? Thanks.

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This sounds very strange. PayPal is such a widely used website it seems like we'd have many more reports of this if it was a problem for other people. I would therefore have suggested you test in Safe Mode, but I'm not hopeful that will result in a correct print if you've tried on many computers over some years. Still, worth a shot maybe.