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Short cut keys. Make them stop.

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Short cut keys need to have a activate/deactivate control.

IE. I do a lot of email writing. I am doing it right now in fact. There is some short cut key combination that "goes back one page" in the browser. Is this clear? It steps back a html page. Goes to the previous web page etc.

I do not want this. I do not want this short cut key. I do not want this functionality.

I do not want short cut keys AT ALL.

This subject has come up a few times, it's a pain in the neck. Can who ever is cooking up these short cut key things STOP. Just because YOU want it does not mean other people do. and if you hard boil this into the program ( firefox ) they you are essentially pushing it onto people without the ability to turn it off.

I do not want short cut keys, and ones on my mouse are EVEN WORSE. ( that stupid side key on the mouse that send you back on page... uff !!! )

I don't want some addon that I can edit. I don't want a long explination about how you can't change short cut keys etc. I am sick to death of getting changes pushed out by developers who have to justify their paycheck to the boss.

In short! I need to turn short cut keys OFF.

I want to be able to WRITE without fear of some RANDOM key mash fouling my writing up. Frankly I would be quite happy with ONLY typing keys working and all other keys and short cuts OFF.

I cannot believe this is STILL AND ISSUE.

Even CARS have a button for turning TRACTION CONTROL on or off !!!

Yes I am mad. You bet. This is still a thing! Are you listening Mozilla ???

Make it stop. I write a LOT. I never want to step in the short key land mine ever again!

Permanent Short cut keys? NO !!!! Check box to turn them off ? YES !!!!


My regards.


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