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Passwords not being updated on Firefox

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Passwords not being updated on Firefox. I have to do it manually. 1.) CHANGING A PASSWORD When I change a PW on a site I get the box to update as I have entered the new PW on the site page I am going into, I click update PW and continue to site.. I am getting a box saying wrong PW. 2.) EDITING PASSWORDS IN FF I goto add ons in FF and check PW...it was NOT UPDATED. I have to edit the PW and start fresh going to the site I want to. A real pain in the Arse. I am using the latest version of FF and before that one as well...same problems... Why hasn't this been fixed?

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Are you using a password add-on/program?

Type about:preferences#security<enter> in the address bar. Look under Logins,

Note: For Firefox v56+ its; about:preferences#privacy Look under Forms & Passwords +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Turn on Remember Logins. To check the passwords you have listed, press Saved Logins.

Press the Exceptions button and see what's inside.

Warning: There are some web pages that do not allow browsers to record or fill in the log-in information.

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Thanks Fred but that does not fix the problem.... this happens on every site and on all versions of FF so... why? The only way to change PWs are to edit them....

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You mentioned add-ons so are you using an add-on to register passwords? Without an add-on, the normal procedure is 1. You register a change of password with a website; 2. You log in to the website using the new password and Firefox asks whether you want to update the password saved with Firefox; 3. If you answer 'yes', Firefox changes the information it has recorded.