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Two win 7 hard drives on my computer,. can I move my 64 bit firefox Mozilla folder to my 32 bit hard drive firefox so I have all my passwords and bookmarks and other important things

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I have no trouble switching the Mozilla folder to make things simple for my 64 bit win 7 install works like a charm. I also have a 32 bit win 7 on another drive that I would like to update with all my latest bookmarks and passwords. I would just save the Mozilla folder of that 32 bit drive and slide my 64 bit made Mozilla folder over to it. Would this work, I don't believe it could cause any harm if it don't work I can always just slide my 32 bit folder back in, I will have it saved of course just in case. I have in the past moved those other folders but this is different in that I cannot run both drives and systems at the same time,. I have them so I can chose my boot choice either in bios or using the F11 key to chose which would boot first. I haven't used the 32 bit for two years but I have a lot of tools I need to go back to and use for image work. I can select the Mozilla folders easily from either system and do the replacement so it isn't hard. I would rather like some input before I do this. Of course I am talking about my profile information but moving the entire Mozilla folder from one to the other, that is a working fix for making it easy on a new firefox install without any bookmarks or other information. Thanks

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