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I deleted my Firefox profile because Firefox wouldn't open (error message - already running). Now all my bookmarks are gone.

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I received the error message that Firefox could not open because it was already running, but this did not show on the task manager. I googled the issue and stumbled upon a solution where people had deleted their profile in order to solve it. So I did, and Firefox worked again, but all of my passwords, bookmarks and everything was lost. Is it possible to recover this?

I am using a Mac.

Mind you, I am super bad at technicalities and would probably need explanations as if I am five years old.

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of course its all gone, because it was in your profile folder.

Did you still have the deleted folder somewhere? In Trash? Or did you delete it completely?

If you have it, copy it to a folder of your choice, for example the desktop, we will need it to restore some things.

I'm not familiar with the filestructure on mac, but if the old folder is still be here, things will go fine.

Step 1

If you have the old folder copied, open it up, you need two windows - one with the old folder on the left, and with your new profile folder on the right - be sure you are "inside" the new profile folder

Maybe you have to set also "show hidden files" on your system on (no idea where on mac)

Step 2

Now copy two files from old to new - and say yes on the "overwrite" question Key4.db (or maybe key3.db if theres no key4) and logins.json

This will restore your passwords

Step 3

you will find a folder "Bookmarks" or "bookmarkbackups" in your old profile. You need to copy - and also overwrite - it from old to new profile folder.

After that restart your browser

If your bookmarks still gone, go in your browser to bookmarks -> manage -> save and import and import one of the listed.

thats all. youre good to go

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I am not sure where to find deleted profiles. I mean, the trash bin only contains files such as images, documents etc. Could the deleted folder end up somewhere else, is there another place for those? Otherwise I am not sure where to look ...


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i dont know how mac handle it with the deleted folder, how did you delete it? By the browser, or in your file system?

do you know where on your mac is your new profile folder located?

(if you find the old one, check out my first answer for restoring)


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Your new profile should be somewhere here:

Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/xxxxxxxx.default

look in your trash for a folder with numbers-letters and the .default ending


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and also look on your desktop Do you see a folder called; Old Firefox?


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If you use the Time Machine or other backup then try to restore file(s) from this backup.


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