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How do I turn off the new Firefox print feature?

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Firefox apparently has a new print feature that is intended to replace the print dialog box. I would like to know how to turn it off. It is a good try. My printing off the web usually involves only selected pages, i.e. not All pages. With the new Firefox feature, I don't like having to click on All, then click on Custom, then select pages to print. I would much prefer using the system dialog box where I can just immediately enter pages, 2-3 for example, and print. Edge has this same printing issue, too many clicks to do the simple task of printing only specified pages.

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You can set print.tab_modal.enabled = false on the about:config page to revert to the old dialog.

You can open the about:config page via the location/address bar. You can click the button to "Accept the Risk and Continue".

It is possible that you participate in a shield study that has enabled this new feature and sets the control pref to true to investigate the user experience, you can check this via the about:studies page.

Related study pref:

  • app.normandy.startupRolloutPrefs.print.tab_modal.enabled


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