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Firefox 84.0.02 new print selection is different - cannot re-size and easily select what to print!

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Firefox recently - now seeing ver. 84.0.02 in Jan 2021 - when trying to print a page in Firefox Browser is really poor and very difficult to use. What stupid programmer or Mozilla exec decided to take away the option to easily re-size (or "simplify pages") and then easily select pages which pages to print? Stupid decision - very stupid. Makes me decide to change from Firefox and go elsewhere for a browser!!! NOW I have to, when I print, go through an extra step of selecting ":Print using the system dialog..." to easily select double sided printing and select only desired pages. AND I STILL CANNOT RECONFIGURE THE ZOOM TO REDUCE AMOUNT OF PAPER USED!. Really, really a bad decision. Change back...or tell me how to get rid if this new Print Option Menu and go back or I just quit Firefox....quit Mozilla. (OK - I just went exploring and fond 'size adjustment' and 'print on two sides' under the options. Still pretty shitty and I am so pissed off by now, I am changing my primary/default browser and taking Firefox off my desktop, iPhone, iPad and laptop. So no reply is needed. Just pass this on to Mozilla and let them see what such unannounced changes does to their customer base. Stay safe...2021 is not looking any better than the last shitty year.

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Firefox "New Print option option": 1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button accepting the risk. (2) In the search box in the page, type or paste print.tab_modal.enabled and pause while the list is filtered (3) Double-click the print.tab_modal.enabled preference to switch between old (false) and new (true)


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Sorry to see you didn't get a reply to your question two weeks ago. As you can see from the first reply above, it's easy to roll back from the new print experience to the older one for the time being as the kinks are being worked out.

To adjust scaling in the new overlay-style preview you need to expand the More settings:

The "Simplify page" feature applies the Reader View to the old print preview screen. With the new overlay-style preview you need to switch the page to Reader View before hitting Ctrl+p.

Firefox 86 hopefully will add Simplify pages back to the overlay to avoid the extra step.


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