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after upgrade to thunderbird 78.6.1 all past recurring tasks are marked incomplete

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I was running Thunderbird 78.6.0 (Windows 10) without any issues. Performed the automatic upgrade to 78.6.1 - after restart all my recurring tasks (from as far back as 2013) have been marked "not completed".

Is this a known issue? How do I resolve?

BTW - I reverted back to 78.6.0 and the symptoms went away. However, after auto-update to 78.6.1 again, the issue reappeared, and is now present even when regressing back to 78.6.0.

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This issue is being worked on. Hopefully will be fixed in 78.7.0 in a couple weeks


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My issues does not appear to be fixed, even at version 78.7.1. What I am seeing (I believe this is the same issue, but cannot be certain) is that IF I enable one of my local calendars, Thunderbird goes CPU-bound (chewing up %20 of an i7-10750H cpu for at least 20 minutes or more); Thunderbird becomes unresponsive, and eventually I have to kill TB through task manager. If I then edit prefs.js to disable that calendar and restart, Thunderbird (after an initial few seconds of high CPU activity) settles down and behaves normally. FWIW - the calendar that I am enabling has many recurring tasks (perhaps 50?) that were initiated several years ago and extend into the future.

Are there any other diagnostic data I can supply to help resolve this?

Thanks in advance.


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