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Downloading zip files as pdf

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I am a long-time user of firefox and so far I have not had a problem for which I would not find a solution on the Internet.

It’s about using firefox in the workplace. I do not have administrator privileges when using a computer.

In my work, I often have to download files from the official (closed intranet) page, which are either in pdf (individual documents) or zip format (larger files).

Lately, I have been downloading a zip file that firefox marks as a pdf and asking if I want to open or save it.

If I save it, it gets saved as pdf and than I have to rename it to zip to correctly open it.

Chrome, on the same workstation, and internet explorer for the file correctly determine that it is in zip format.

I have already refreshed firefox but the problem remains.


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See these threads:

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Probably it's our bug (for instance #1684183). It should be fixed in 85.

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With what content-type is this file send by the server ?

You can check this in the Web Console or Network Monitor.

If the server sends the file as "application/pdf" and not as a ZIP archive then Firefox will use the file extension linked to this MIME type (i.e. .pdf).

You can also try an extension, but I'm not sure if it will be useful in this case.

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This is a problem when transferring scanned documents that are stored in a folder as pdf files and compressed into a zip file.

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See these threads:

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I installed content-type-fixer add-on and it downloaded correctly zip as zip.

Thank you for your support.