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Flash Player in Mozilla ?

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With Adobe Flash Player ceasing on Dec. 31 - Mozilla is supposed to be one of the Browsers that supports another Flash Player. Wher ?, How ?, do i find the Flash Player to use in Mozilla  ?

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So far, I don't think there is a good substitute for the Flash player plugin, but how much do you actually use it? Consider how often you have seen this,


or this:


If that doesn't seem familiar, the sites you visit are not using Flash -- or you have been ignoring the Flash content on those sites. In those cases, you won't be missing anything by not having Flash.

If you do use content that runs on Flash -- for example, some online games -- you will lose access to that content unless or until the site updates it (hopefully they will soon).

I have seen two alternate players mentioned in recent weeks, but they didn't have very good reviews, so I didn't bookmark them.