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Firefox does not display content

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My website uses Zoomify to display, pan and zoom maps. It works fine on my desktop computer with all browsers and it works fine with my old hosting service with all browsers including Firefox and Chrome.

I was told that this hosting will be discontinued so I signed up with GoDaddy for new hosting that uses C-Panel and runs on Linux. The maps display fine if I view my web pages with Chrome, but with Firefox the "skin" displays (the underlying image of the map window that includes control buttons) but the map does not display. I get the message "web page is slowing down the browser." It doesn't matter how long I wait; the map does not display. I've tried clearing cookies and cache. That does not help.

Do you know why Firefox will not display the maps?

FYI, the software I use to display the maps is Zoomify. It requires a viewer (java script) and another script to specify the file and attributes for the display.

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ahhhh Can we get the site?

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A sample web page is:


Thanks for looking into this.


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I'm on linux have the same issue. see screenshot I see a message in the console about trying to connect to something.

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Doesn't load for me as well. I regularly get the info bar that a script is running slowly just like you get, so Firefox doesn't seem to like that zoom script. There are some messages in the Web Console about this.

Make sure you the latest version of Zoomify, as this seems to work on their website. Maybe contact Zoomify for support.

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It's good to know that it is not just me that is having the problem. That was good advice to talk with Zoomify because Firefox works with their website.

I just purchased the software and assumed that I was getting the latest version. But maybe there is a fix for this problem.

I'll let you know how this turns out. It is perplexing and driving me crazy. That's on top of being stuck at home.