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how can i disable javascript

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I upgraded my firefox, the javascript is auto enable.now i want to disable it,but i can not into the 'about:config' page.so i want to know how can i disable the javascript;

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On the current version of Firefox on Android, you cannot disable JavaScript. To be honest, JavaScript is used so much today, that tends to break the majority of websites anyway.

However, you can disable some tracking JavaScript using the Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox for Android.

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Can I restore the previous version? sometimes i need disable javascript to test some function.

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Running outdated apps can leave you vulnerable to security holes, so it's not recommended for regular use.

That said, it is possible to download an older version of Firefox. All of the old versions of Firefox are published to the Mozilla archive server as APK files.

Keep in mind that if your mobile device's app store is setup to perform automatic updates, it may eventually upgrade you back to the current version of Firefox.