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vpn won't start.

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vpn installed without issue. When it tries to start, it switches to vpn off, and says vpn can't start. Solution, folks?

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Try signing out of the Mozilla VPN (you can do this by going to the gear icon on the top right of the application, then scrolling down to "Sign out"), uninstalling it, re-downloading it, and reinstalling it. The sign out is an important part of the process due to deleting some files that otherwise don't get purged. This usually resolves these kinds of issues.

I hope this helps.

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Doesn't help. It took a out a minute to install and operate on my iPhone, but I have spent more than an hour un-installing, restarting, blah blah blah and I still get the "VPN cannot open" on my Windows 10 laptop.

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vpn won't start