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Firefox blocks a bank account

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Firefox blocks a bank account. Bank says it is not their fault. Bank account can be accessed using a different browser. Bank account can also be accessed using Firefox on another computer. Tried to refresh Firefox and gained access to the bank account but it worked only once or twice before Firefox went back to blocking it.

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Can you provide screenshots of the issue so we can see what is being blocked? Did you try in safe mode? Make sure to hide all personal data in the screenshot.

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Please explain the problem in detail. What happens? What is/are the exact error message(s) ?

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This is the msg that comes up when I try to access my bank account:

Oops, something went wrong. If you don't think you should have received this message, you can go back and try again, or you may contact Customer Service at x-xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Reference Number: xxxxxx

IP Address: xx.xx.xxx.xxx

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I uninstalled Firefox and re-installed it. So far, so good.