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About Firefox updates

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Hi Firefox Team

I am very happy to use this browser as it serves all my needs perfectly! So thanks you for that.

The issue I have is about the updates. Whenever Firefox updates, I lose the sites saved on it. I have no issues with that.

However, can you give me the option to select a time and date for it?

That way I can, 1) Select a time when I am not working on Firefox. 2) Coordinate with other updates like Windows and McAfee.

This will ensure that I am prepared for the sites to disappear just once, instead of every time there's an update.

Thanks, Kajal

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What do you mean by 'lose the sites saved on it?' Do you mean your bookmarks?

What about the rest of your profile? Settings, bookmarks, history, passwords . . . .





Type about:profiles<enter> in the address bar. How many profiles are listed? How many should be there? Also, open the profile folder in your file explorer.

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Hi, yes, it is the bookmarks that disappear. I have to then add them again from the 'Logins and Passwords' tab. As I use up to 12 to 15 apps everyday, it gets difficult to do this every time. So all I want is that I get to set up a day and time for Firefox updates. That way I can sync them with the other system updates and will have to do this only once a month instead of every time an update is done. At present, I have synced updates from Windows, MS & McAfee. But I don't see that option on FF.

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How do you completely turn off update checks in Firefox v64? You can use a policies.json file to disable updates for all users. https://github.com/mozilla/policy-templates/blob/master/README.md or https://winaero.com/blog/disable-updates-firefox-63-above/

You can use a policies.json file in the distribution folder in the Firefox installation folder instead as also listed in the article, so no need to use GPO keys in the Windows Registry. • https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/customizing-firefox-using-policiesjson