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System action bar covers tabs in full scree mode in macos

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When firefox is in full screen mode, as soon as I take my mouse cursor to switch tabs the Mac Os action bar (bar with close and minimize icons on it ) covers the tabs and make it hard to switch tabs, same happens while reaching for address bar which extremely annoying and frustrating.

I see other applications handles it really well for this situation so its not the macos issue. I reported this on twitter too but no satisfying response. I like firefox and don't want to switch back to other browser so please fix this. This issue is extremely frustrating and impacts the core functionality of the firefox or browser in general.

I have attached images from Chrome and source tree, both are third party application. Best handling of this action is done by safari, which smoothly animate and make the space for close and minimize buttons along with the tabs but that's a first party app and not sure if the same can be achieved by third party apps.

I am running Big Sur but this was happening even in Catalina.

Thank you!

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Thank you for your message The problem is known, which is related with the MacOS beta versions

You need to update your MacOS Check that you have the latest version of the Firefox 84 browser

If the problem persists, you can create a ticket on our bugzilla https://bugzilla.mozilla.org so that the teams can read it



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I am on the 84.0.1 version of Firefox and it still happens, I love using Firefox but this issue annoys me a lot.

Please find attached screenshot.

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