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Firefox Account verification problem

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Dear Volunteer,

First of all, I have to thank you to build the community in your freetime. I've changed my computer. I have 2 firefox accounts, the first for private browsing, the second one for work browsing, and I use them via different Firefox profiles. The configuration of the private account (adam**********y@gmail.com) was succesful. But the configuration of the work account (s****i@orfk.police.hu) was not. I've used this accounts since 2013, and I'd reconfigured them so many times, and there wasn't any problem until now. The actually problem is the unreceived verigfication email. I've tried the actions below: - checking email working -> Perfectly works. - checking spam folder -> There is no any mail in the spam folder. - adding accounts@firefox.com to contact list -> Done. I did not get the verification emails. The administrators probably changed the security settings. I cannot log in, I cannot sync. I tried to send you this letter from my work e-mail, but I did not find any support address, just this option. How can I resolve this problem? Thans for your help.

Kind regards,

Adam Sterbinszky

Изменено Kiki

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Hi Adam,

Sorry that you experience this issue with your Firefox Accounts. There are multiple reasons that may cause the verification email didn't come out in your inbox. I would suggest filing a bug through this link so our team could check from our end. You can read out support article here to get more detail instruction.

Also, I'm going to censor your emails since this is a public forum (see forum rules and guidelines for details).