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My favourite flash game no longer works on latest version of Firefox - but does work on an older version

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Upon the last update (v.83), my favourite Flash golf game "World Golf Tour" ceased to work.

The makers of the game have already taken steps to move to a different platform on January 1st ... but the existing Flash version still works perfectly ... until YOU came along!

Your so-called "update" made it impossible to even load World Golf Tour's menu screen - I heard the music, but the graphics were frozen.

I'm no Sherlock - but this problem only occurred when Firefox updated.

It took me ages to downgrade back to v.82.3 - but WGT loaded perfectly when I did it.

Proving that it's YOUR fault! So don't give me this "most problems are caused by other peoples' software" stock answer crap.

I WILL upgrade to the latest version of Firefox on January 1st, not one second before.

Is there any way I can turn off the "Download Firefox Update Reminder" until then?

It's really annoying.

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I should add that I am on an old Windows 7 64-bit computer (2.8ghz) with 8gb of ram and a superb AMD Rx480 graphics card with 4gb of ram [not that any of this matters ... my golf game was working fine .. then you updated me ... and it didn't work any more!]

PS. I also updated Flash - in case you're wondering


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