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Saved logins and passwords for websites.

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Hi, I am wondering why Firefox removed all logins and passwords. It used to be all in settings, now I am getting message: No logins found When you save a password in Firefox, it will show up here Any help, thanks in advance.

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The user agent as shown in the System Details list shows you use Firefox 76.0.

Is that correct ?

The current release is Firefox 83.0, so did you possibly downgrade or have you been using this Firefox 76 version all the time ?

You can check if you have an "Old Firefox Data" folder on the desktop in case the Refresh feature in Firefox has been used and a new profile has been created.

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Yes I was using Firefox 76.0 all the time, no downgrades or updates were performed. I found two files key3.db and key4.db, logins.json in folder. Is that means all old data stored under key3? And new data on key4 file, if so how I can restore old data?

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Firefox 58 and newer use key4.db for the key file, so the key3.db file is a leftover from quite some time ago. You can check if you have a logins.json file in the profile floder that has content or possibly a logins.json.corrupt file in case there have been issues. You can temporarily set signon.debug = true on the about:config page and check the Browser Console for logins related issues.

Note that Firefox 80+ releases have a logins-backup.json that can be used if there are issues with logins.json.

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Thanks for help, to much effort to recover lost logins and passwords. I hope this was first and last one in years!