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Download files started failing on Linux

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When I try to dowload a file, i fails and create a 0 byte file. I tried with repository firefox, and download the tar.gz from dev version. Both fail. I deleted ~/.mozilla and ~/.cache/mozilla to start fresh and the error persist. I can browse, open a PDF in integrated viewer, but I am unable to save it. Other browsers can download files to ~/Downloads without problems.

Any hint of how to debug (and/or solve) the problem is welcome.


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After some more testing; when I hit retry it appear to download the file, but it fails to copy to downloads folder, to check better I searched for a bigger file (ubuntu iso) and it failed the first time, but after retrying it managed to download the file.

So the problem is it fails nearly always, especially with small files; or it fails always except once at n-th retry attempt with a big file.

Being able to enable a verbose mode would help to debut the error.