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To Pop-up or Not to Pop-up

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This box pops-up while the website's home page is loading.

FF is set to block: *all third-party cookies *tracking content in all windows *cryptominers *fingerprinters FF is also set to block pop-up windows - the website in question is NOT an exception, and so FF should be blocking pop-ups on this site.

I was using FF vs 82.0.2 before the pop-up started appearing a day or two ago. I upgraded to 83.0 hoping this would take care of the pop-up, but it didn't. I'm sure it returns with each new launch of the browser b/c I have FF set to clear out cookies, site data and history when it's closed. But it seems the pop-up block should step in despite those settings.

The site has apparently found a way to thwart the AdBlock feature that will block individual ads, as occasionally I've successfully used the "Block an ad on this page" feature to kill cookie use advisory banners. Could whatever this site has done to render AdBlock's "Block an ad on this page" useless...also be what's over-riding my pop-up settings? If that wouldn't be the case, how is this pop-up getting around my settings?

Or is it not a pop-up? If it's not a pop-up, what is it and is there a setting to get rid of it, or prevent it?

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