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Collections deleted

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Hello I am German and not used to write in english. I use Firefox on my Xperia device. Within the last Update I got the new function to collect the tabs. I created several collections and named them. After I put in the tabs and deleted them in the list. So they were only in the collections. Today I wanted to use one Tab out of the collection. But the whole collection Was not any more there, same with 2 Others! Where are these collections and the tabs now? I did not delete them and I need them.

Where are they and how can I use them again?

Kind regards


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@ FuddyDuddy:

Thank you for these open and direct words.

Better could I not answer...

@ Seburo:

Thank you for the sudden answer, but like FuddyDuddy wrote, please explain how to go forward.

I do not have other devices to export to...

I just want to be 100% sure when I now update there is no loss of data, settings or tabs.

Please tell me step by step what to do.

1) how to save all data in "today version" to recover in case of dataloss after update.

2) how to recover after dataloss to the today version...

3) how to do the update...

I will try it out and feedback here after.


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I will try to answer this question

How To Save The Collection Maybe you are a little confused about how to save the collection which causes the collection to disappear, because maybe you don't find the button for the save collection, I also had the same problem, but i found the solution The Solution: 1. After you named the collection, don't click back button, collection will not saved 2. at Keyboard, click a button in bottom right (look at the keyboard picture) 3. And then your Collection will saved

How to find the collection that we have saved? 1. Open Mozilla Firefox 2. Make a new tab 3. You will find your collection (Look at the Photo)

Изменено samskomsel

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Good morning,

thank you for your answer.

But it is not what I need to know. I created and saved around 30 collections.

In the first days I could use the tabs collected in the collections.

But suddenly several collections are disappeared. The others I can still use.

To delete I should actively open a collection und click "delete whole collection" - that I never did, especially not in several cases.

I need to know why they are deleted und how to get the lost tabs back.

I did not know that Firefox is that buggy and I will think about using Chrome as recommanded by websites.

Please help me all of you.


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If a Collection has been deleted you will need to recreate it as there is no way to recover them.

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Hello is there nobody who knows what I meen?

Is there nobody who uses the collections?

I have tested out and found out there is a Bug and nobody tells about.

Do the developers not test their products?

When you create 20 collections every thing seems to bei good.

If you create more collections, every time one of the 20 is moved somewhere.

I had up to 35...

After removing the inserted Tabs out of the collection I deleted them one by one.

And surprise: my "lost" collections came same back including all tabs.

What the hell does that be? Why does nobody tell?

How can I use unlimited collections?

Thanks for help

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I am waiting for a response from our developers that might help with this issue.

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that's fin.

Perhaps you can ask for another "problem":

How to move tabs up or down. In the old Firefox it was possible to move tabs to have them in my own follow.

I miss that now as there always new tabs push the older ones in the background.

Nice day,


Изменено cx500e1

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The limit on the number of visible Collections is due to be removed in an update due out this week, after which you should be able to see all of your Collections.

It is currently not possible to rearrange tabs, but this is something that we may consider including in a future update.

I hope that this helps.

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thank you very much, sounds good!

The expectation for the future update is also fine.

I am glad to know my problems are not irrepairable.

Thank you for your constructive Support.

Kind regards, good start in the new Werk,


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I am glad to hear that your problem has been resolved. If you haven't already, please select the answer that solves the problem. This will help other users with similar problems find the solution.

Thank you for contacting Mozilla Support.

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No, the problem is still not solved in reality!

In theory ist maybe so. But time will show...

I write this text now 3rd time!!!

2 times Firefox crashed without a signal why!

I am not amused!

My related to the further update wish ist:

To choose If a tab is moved or copied into one or more collections.

Thanks for your kind understanding

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Seburo said

Hello, I am glad to hear that your problem has been resolved. If you haven't already, please select the answer that solves the problem. This will help other users with similar problems find the solution. Thank you for contacting Mozilla Support.


I also have this problem, i just saw it today. I have 20 collections and when i create another collection firefox erase one of the collection that allready exist without telling me (sadly). > I have the 82.1.3 version of Firefox for Android. On which version do you think it's going to be fixed ? > Also would it be possible to see the collections on firefox for desktop ?

Thank you for your time,

Best regards,


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I have an associated problem with collections. Today Firefox on my tablet repeatedly crashed. Duly sent several crash reports to Mozilla.

It was solved by reinstalling and resyncing on tablet to PC version. Now I have no collections.

How can I get these back?

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is the update already available?

How do I get it?

Nice day


Изменено cx500e1

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If you were responding to my post... then I have no idea about any updates.

My collections have disappeared and have not returned.

Surely the developers have not been stupid enough to not include "collections" in a scheme that syncs across devices or is stored in a manner that can be recovered somehow?

Given the lack of real support on this thread and lack of help on the subject it might seem so.

First rule of updating versions: consider backwards compatibility (if not compatible make work arounds available) and when recovering from disasters ensure that data is not lost. These aspects need to be designed in rather than afterthoughts.

I am similarly not impressed!!!

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Dear Seburo, dear admin, dear Community,

until today the problem is not solved, perhaps I have to do something actively, but my related question is not answered.

I try every eve to add a 21st collection and alway the 19th becomes invisable!

I have numbered them to recognize which one is the one which disappears.

It is always the last in the list, although 20 is the latest I created...

Is the promised update not yet available?

What do I have to do to use 100 collections?

Kind regards


Изменено cx500e1

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When you open the Firefox for Android menu, select Settings and About Firefox (at the bottom of the list), what is the version number?

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Please can you update your copy of Firefox for Android from the Google Play store.

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And then when you update to the latest version you will be like me (I assume) WITH ALL YOUR CURRENT COLLECTIONS DELETED if and when like mine it crashes and you have to reload it!

There seems to be no way then to recover Collections, well at least I have not found one and nobody has responded positively ......... and it does not seem to be synced to the PC version so not just no easy recovery, nothing!

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Oh I am feeling with you ...

Изменено cx500e1

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