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BidenFox for President - Free Tabs for Everyone!

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Now that you've elected BidenFox Android as your browser you will receive free tabs every day, all day. You get free tabs if you open a Bookmark and free tabs if you open Top Sites. And because you've upgraded without questioning our policies, we'll give you free tabs whenever you open anything in any Collection.

That's right, we've given you Collections! We want you to stop using those Trumpmarks, the trusted and private URL's you rely on throughout your day. We didn't spend anytime on making Trumpmarks more useful, like the ability to rearrange them in any order, something you've asked for year after year. So forget Trumpmarks and use Top Sites or Collections because you can never get enough free tabs.

And a bonus: If you have shortcuts on your phones Home Page, every one will open a new tab. More importantly, we now govern the behavior so it exits to Firefox, not back to your phones Home Page like past versions.

Thank you for electing BidenFox for Android as your browser. Only 4 more years until the next one.

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Thank you for your feedback.

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This looks like a tongue-in-cheek repost of a question asked last week, which did not receive a reply:

https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1310339 v81 Tutorial Video - Best Practices? (quote) From what I can tell every saved URL opens as a new tab. Each Top Site, each item in Collections, each Bookmark all open as a new tabs.